Tamir Rice



Cleveland Police Department Non-Emergencies: (216) 621-1234
Cleveland Police Review Board: (216) 664-5168
City of Cleveland Mayor:  (216) 664-3990

"I am ______ from _______ contacting you to demand justice for 12-year-old Tamir Rice.  His death was six years ago,  and his murderer has yet to face criminal charges. The actions of Timothy Loehmann and the inaction from the city of Cleveland reflects poorly on the entirety of the Cleveland Police Department. I am aware that Loehmann was fired on May 30, 2017,  not for murdering Tamir Rice in cold blood, but for lying on his application is clear that racial bias, violent behavior, and the murder of children is deemed as acceptable by the city of Cleveland, and that it's police officers are not efficiently trained, nor do they face consequences for their actions. Police officers are not above the law, and I demand that they cease to be treated as such."