Tallahassee City Mayor:  (850) 891-8181
Tallahassee Police Department:  (850) 891-4200


*The amount of names and numbers/emails available in this case is very limited and I have no doubt it is an attempt to minimize backlash and outcry. Even finding these two numbers was more complicated than it should have been. We must not be silenced.

Tony McDade

"I am ________ from _________ contacting you to demand that the investigation into the murder of Tony McDade be thorough and unbiased. Since March, the Tallahassee Police Department has killed three Black men without any punishment. The frequency of these deaths reflects the Tallahassee Police Department and demonstrates not only a lack of regard for human life but a lack of proper training for Tallahassee police officers. I demand that the Tallahassee police force he held to a higher standard. I demand investigation of misconduct and mandated training in unconscious bias and de-escalation."