• CORI

Happy Birthday Breonna

Yesterday would have been the 27th birthday of Breonna Taylor, Louisville EMT and one of the more recent victims of senseless violence at the hands of police. Police raided Breonna's home shortly after midnight on March 13th on the basis that her apartment was being used by drug dealers to receive packages. 

Now the first thing wrong about this is that the police had already arrested the suspects in the drug investigation. So what was the reason for forcing entry into a woman's home at midnight if there was no urgency in the situation? Secondly they did not identify themselves, yet arrested Breonna's boyfriend for firing his legal firearm. Would you not also use your self-defense weapon if someone seemed to be breaking into your home in the middle of the night? Lastly, they did not attempt to diffuse  the situation, instead they sprayed gunfire into a residence with no regard for anyone inside, subsequently murdering an innocent woman who was simply sleeping in her own home. 

For centuries Black woman have been held to this impossible standard of being strong willed care-takers who put their feelings and needs aside for others. I think that it is because of this expectation that when Black woman face injustices at the hands of police, health professionals, and the general population, it is overlooked. White woman are viewed as fragile beings to be protected, while Black women must be strong, there for you, and impossible to harm. This is why it took nearly 80 days and the momentum of several other cases for Breonna to finally see some justice. It is important that as we fight for our Black brothers and their safety, we remember that our sisters are at risk too.