• CORI

I Don't Get It

I have a serious question to ask. Why are these police officers so bad at their jobs? I've been mulling over recent events for the past few days and I can't seem to get past this thought. What are these officers being taught? It seems like they jump at any opportunity to fire their weapons and assert dominance, taser or gun.

Once again, in the case of Daunte Wright we're seeing the delusional reasoning that because someone had been in trouble with the law, or hadn't immediately complied, that makes them deserving of murder. Here's the thing I don't and will never understand. Why are these officers so trigger happy? Police officers are meant to be well-versed in de-escalation and self-defense, so why is it that they turn to their firearms in any conflict rather than using their so-called training. Do they know anything else? Or are they so bored that they shoot people to add some excitement to their lives? Wright posed no threat to anyone around him. He'd been pulled over for something as simple as expired tags. In a pandemic! Even if Officer Kim Potter had meant to tase him, I have no idea why. They have cars, for the primary purpose of using them. Why would the officers' first instincts be to fire lethal weaponry rather than getting in their vehicle and chasing Wright as he tried to leave.

These people have lethal weapons on them at all times, and act as if shooting people is like giving a ticket. Where is the caution? Where is the thought? How could you be so careless that you mistake your only two weapons? And how has someone so careless been on the force for 26 years and been allowed to train other officers. It's obvious at this point that there is no emphasis on de-escalation or caution or public safety. Police officers are selfish and careless and it has been proven time and time again. As long as these murderers get to keep walking away unscathed and untouchable, protected by the force and the government, they will keep being reckless, they will keep killing people, and they will keep wreaking havoc on this country.