• CORI

RIP Sarah Grossman

On May 30, after attending a peaceful protest in Columbus, Ohio, 22-year old recent Ohio State graduate Sarah Grossman died. While attending said protest, Sarah and her protest group were sprayed by - you guessed it - tear gas, triggering her asthma, and subsequently killing her.  I am writing this post because I want to set something straight. Sarah Grossman should not have died. She is in NO WAY at fault for what happened to her. Some of you may wonder why I make that disclaimer, but you'd be surprised by how many people seem to think she as at fault, and should have known that by going to a protest she way putting her life in danger. Do not let these past few weeks fool you, what has been happening is not normal, tear gas is not normal. And voluntarily attending a peaceful protest is support of Black Lives Matter and honoring the death of George Floyd should not be a death sentence. No one, before this month, would ever connect that going to a peaceful protest would put you in harms way. We are becoming all to familiar with the violent tactics being used by police during these times, and I am here to remind you, do not get used to it, do not become accustomed to the excessive force so loosely used by police. It is not normal. A peaceful protest should be a safe environment for children, adults, and asthma patients. It only becomes a safety hazard when the police force and American government decides to interfere with our first amendment rights.  Whatever happened to protect and serve? It's looking a little more like divide and conquer.