• CORI

There's NO Excuse for Murder

Most of us have been force-fed police propaganda the entirety of our lives. We watch TV where detectives act recklessly on a hunch and are rewarded, we see one-sided tales on catching the "bad guy" with no remorse or concern for their life. Because of this, I cannot blame those who have the wrong idea about what the police should and should not be able to do, but we must get one thing clear: THERE IS  NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER.

We need to unlearn this idea that if a citizen does anything out of line, cops are allowed to act as judge, jury, and  executioner.

Instead we should be asking ourselves this: Why are the police so easily threatened? These are some of the most powerful individuals in the country, yet they are so fragile that someone asking questions, making a wrong move, or resisting arrest makes them fear for their lives enough that they have to discharge their guns. We are brainwashed into thinking gun-toting and shooting people is a normal part of the job, but the way I see it, most police interactions could be easily de-escalated with a simple conversation. Instead, they seem to instigate and agitate on purpose, as if it were a game, they enjoy feeling powerful and intimidating.

Deadly force should be a rarity, in fact it should NEVER be used, but police are trained to use their guns whenever they deem it necessary, it isn't treated as a last resort, it's offered as a simple and effective way to "neutralize" a suspect.  It seems to me that they'd be much more productive if they learned how to diffuse a situation rather than incite violence and commit murder.