• CORI

This Affects Everyone

This one is for everyone asking why we don't protest when white people are killed by the police. First of all, because those killings aren't motivated by the same forces that have been working against Black Americans for 4 centuries. But, congratulations! You once again completely missed the point. 

By all means, if that "white on white" crime bothers you, join us, but I would put money on the fact that you don't actually care for the likes of Tony Timpa, in which case you should be ashamed of yourself for using a victim of police brutality to fulfill your attempt at silencing Black people. The fight against police brutality is about more than race and political party. It is a fact and it is clear that that brutality is often and unfairly aimed toward Black people, but past that, we are protesting the system that would allow brutality to harm or take the lives of ANYONE of ANY RACE. So for those of you attacking Black Lives Matter, or calling Black people "racist" (which is a whole other issue) kindly shut up. Because YOU are the one making this a politics thing, you are the one dividing the country yet again.

No one, and I mean literally no one ever, said that white people are excluded from this movement. This is about racism, but it is also about morals, human rights, and safety.