• CORI

We aren't violent, the police are.

During a nation-wide attempt at peaceful protest, and media's attempt at demonizing them, I realized something. The media and government has always attempted to make #BlackLivesMatter seem dangerous and liken the organization to terrorists. They say that the movement incited violence and riots, but I have seen no proof of this. In fact I have only seen violence incited at the hands of the police force. I have inserted footage of instances where the police have been the violent catalyst that started chaos in cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and more. We are already angry and fed up, so their heavy-handed interference pushes many over the edge and starts something much less peaceful and much more damaging. These police officers have fragile egos and short tempers. They are simply offended that people are actively voicing anti-police sentiment. These police officers are taking advantage of the badge and only "protecting and serving" themselves. ACAB.